Featured Customer

We had an issue with water leaking out of the inside A/C drain line which I figured was probably caused by a clog. I looked online at DIY options but decided to go ahead and look for a full service since we hadn't done that in a year. I found Boyette Air and saw it was reviewed highly on Google Reviews so gave them a call. Rick answered right away and had just left the shop so took my phone number and had Steve call me. I talked to Steve around 9am and explained the issue and he was out at the house by 10:30am. He quickly diagnosed the issue with the drain and fixed it and took the time to explain to me how it happened and how to prevent it in the future. He also took a look at the rest of the system and noticed the capacitor on the outside unit was dated and of poor quality and felt that it would fail very soon. I don't know much about HVAC so he took the time to explain to me what it does and why he felt like it needed to be replaced so I went ahead with the replacement. Of course the last thing my family wants with a 2 and 4 year old in the house is a broken down A/C in the middle of the Florida summer, so I trusted him on this.

Overall, the guys at Boyette Air were extremely responsive, friendly, efficient, and did everything in a timely manner. It was very affordable, as well. Living in Ohio for several years we had to have HVAC companies out often for both A/C and Heater issues so we kind of got a sense for what things typically cost, and the prices that Boyette Air charged me were extremely fair. I would definitely recommend for anyone in the Riverview/Gibsonton/Brandon/Valrico area.

Jeff E.

Riverview, FL